ALX can supply all your Static Control ESD requirements

Taking the mystery out of Static Electricity

1. ESD Workbench with ESD Mat and Ground Cord
2. Wrist-strap monitor and Wrist-strap and Ground Cord
3. Single-Point Grounding to all points
4. Heel Grounder and ESD Floor Mat

ESD Wrist Straps + Monitors

Wrist straps are used in the electronics industry when handling sensitive electronic devices which can be damaged by ESD, and also sometimes by people working around explosives, to prevent electric sparks which could set off an explosion

ESD Heel Grounders

Wearing a foot or heel grounder on each foot ensures contact with ground via the ESD floor even when one foot is lifted off the floor.

This will more reliably remove static charges generated by human movement and more reliably protect ESD sensitive devices (ESDS)

ESD Floor Mats

Anti static Bench and Floor mats are used to dissipate static electricity from work surfaces so that electronics are not destroyed by ESD (electrostatic discharges)

ESD Bench Mats

2 Layer – Dissipative on top and Conductive on bottom

ESD Tapes

ESD cleanroom tapes are designed for use where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern.

ESD tapes are naturally anti-static or are treated to produce an anti-static surface to generate very low voltage during unwind and use

Grid Tapes for Electronic Assembly and Packaging

Floor Tapes for Identifying ESD Protected Areas

Grounding Components

If your workstation/bench/chair and worker is grounded, all potentially dangerous static electricity will be drawn to the earth and will prevent any damage to your sensitive electronics or explosive materials

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