ESD Audits / Assessments /Consulting

ALX started as a one-person consulting company back in 1968.
Our first project was to solve an issue at a high level electronics aviation company.
In doing so, we developed the world’s first adjustable wrist-strap.

Since 1968 we have become known as one of the top ESD Specialists in the electronics industry.
We have seen almost every type of manufacturing facility and have done countless hours of ESD Assessments and Audits.

Let us help you implement an ESD Program in your facility or help you train your employees in ESD principles.

We can measure your floors and workstations for correct ESD adherence and if there is a problem we will show you how to repair it or we can do that for you.

We even lay new ESD Static Dissipative floor coatings for you.

We then come back at certain time periods to check on the performance and to ensure that your facility has no danger from static discharge.

The benefits to be gained from regular auditing your ESD control procedures are numerous.

• They allow you to prevent problems before they occur rather than always fighting fires.
• They allow you to readily identify problems and take corrective action.
• They identify areas in which your programs may be weak and provides you with information required for continuous improvement.
• They allow you to leverage limited resources effectively.
• They help you determine when your employees need to be retrained.
• They help you improve yields, productivity, and capacity.
• They help you bind our ESD programs together into a successful effort

Using our unique ESD Paper and ESD Tags helps you keep up to date with your ESD Program and keeps your ESD Coordinator happy

We have all the documentation that you require

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