ALX  is the next-generation, versatile ESD materials company, developing especially for today‘s electronics industry

We offer 2 types of ESD Plastic Materials:

1. Masterbatch Pellets (for extrusion, molding and blow molding)
2. Sheets (for vacuum formed products)

Anti-Static Masterbatch

ALX Anti-static Masterbatch is a polymer supplied in small pellets that have anti-static/static dissipative properties. The Masterbatch can be extruded into virtually any form you require, while maintaining a static dissipative range of 109 – 1012 ohms/sq.

This material is formulated to eliminate the electric charges on the surface of the polymer. Electric charges tend to cause many problems like attracting dust which ruins the clarity of film and surface finishing. Static discharges also damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Our Antistatic additives are used with all polymers in injection molded, extruded and blow molded applications. It functions in molecular or multi-molecular layers and attracts water molecules from the atmosphere. The water lowers the surface resistivity to between 109 to 1012 ohms. Without antistatic additives, the surface resistivity of plastic would be between 1012 to 1015 ohms.

Antistatic masterbatches are used in manufacturing of components for appliances and used in washing machines, refrigerators etc.
These are also used for electronic appliances.

We can also modify the masterbatch to achieve different conductivity ranges
from 103 to 109 ohms/sq.

Anti-Static Sheets/films

ALX Static Control Films

Sensitive electronic components demand superior static control protection. Our line of single-use, washable and reusable static control films, safeguards components and can thermoform easily and efficiently

ALX static dissipative sheets are supplied in sheets up to 24” (61 cm) wide.

And in 2 thickness:
0.024” x 24″ (0.6096 mm)
0.030” x 24” (0.762 mm)


Trays, containers, clamshells, liners

• Good static resistivity levels
• Good thermoforming characteristics
• Manufactured in a controlled environment to the strictest current GMP standards
• Cut to your required sizes


• Static control PVC
• Static control HIPS
• Static control PETG
• Anti-static PVC
• Anti-static PET
• Anti-static PCR
• Anti-static HIPS
• Anti-static PETG

Plastic tray
Plastic tray 2 (1)
ESD plastic molded
ESD plastic clamshell 2

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