ESD Paper
(Electro-Dissipative) (100% recyclable)

We are the Original ‘Pink Stripe’ ESD Paper manufacturers

ALX is the original Pink Stripe ESD paper manufacturer. We manufacture ESD Paper and ESD Paper Tags and ESD Paper Rolls

ALX  produces an extensive family of paper and packaging products and includes dissipative bags and pouches, dissipative paper and specialty products such as dissipative tags and ESD cleanroom paper

ESD (Electro-Dissipative) Paper
(100% recyclable)


Welcome to the Future: Introducing Next-Generation Dissipative Paper Products in Vibrant COLORS

Discover the latest innovation in dissipative paper products that are engineered to excel. Withstanding high temperatures while maintaining robustness, our product range is fully compliant with S20.20 standards and the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

At the heart of our commitment to sustainability, we utilize 100% bio-degradable fillers, ensuring our paper remains environmentally friendly. ALX stands as the pioneer in the new era of ESD packaging, setting the standard for excellence.

Experience our comprehensive design service, geared towards enhancing performance and optimizing efficiency. Our materials undergo rigorous testing to meet and exceed the highest industry standards, guaranteeing top-notch quality.

Safeguarding against Charged Device Model (CDM), Field Induced Model (FIM), and Human Body Model (HBM) ESD failures, our products provide unmatched protection. Elevate your ESD protection strategy with ALX’s cutting-edge solutions.

Join us in embracing innovation, sustainability, and performance. Choose ALX for your next-generation ESD packaging needs.

Showcasing exceptional repellent qualities against water, water vapor, oil, and grease, along with effective gas barrier properties.

This ideal customizable barrier accommodates a wide range of applications and can be effortlessly printed utilizing diverse printing techniques.
Image of ESD Dissipative Paper by ALX Technical
Image of ESD (Electro-Dissipative) Pink Stripe Paper Sheets (100% Recyclable) by ALX Technical
Embrace Our Approach to 100% Recycled ESD Packaging:

Explore our diverse collection of dissipative paper, available in both sheet and roll formats, tailored for tags or wraps.

Unleash its potential for printing worksheets, assembly diagrams, ID tags, and void-fill packaging, all while upholding its commitment to 100% recyclability. This extraordinary paper stands as permanently dissipative and resilient against humidity, ensuring unwavering performance.

Embark on a journey of consistent E.S.D. protection, guarding your possessions against static damage with enduring effectiveness. Moreover, its capabilities remain unchanged across diverse humidity levels, solidifying its reliability even in high-altitude scenarios.

Image of Green ESD Paper by ALX Technical
Image of Ream of Blue ESD Paper by ALX Technical
Image of ALX Technical is the original Pink Sheet ESD paper manufacturerPaper and ESD Paper Tags and ESD Paper Rolls
Image of ESD (Electro-Dissipative) Paper (100% Recyclable) by ALX Technical

Reveal In-Depth Technical Solutions Backed by Expert Insights.

Championing Environmental Responsibility

Unveiling ALX: Innovating ESD Packaging for Enduring Value

Discover the exceptional reusability of ALX ESD packaging, maintaining its electrical prowess across diverse applications.

Moreover, it seamlessly integrates into the paper recycling stream, showcasing an unwavering commitment to eco-conscious design.

Witness a Notable Reduction in ESD Audit Costs.


Food and non-food packaging

Image of ESD Pink Stripe Paper by ALX Technical

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Note: ALX has a Trademark-Patent on our ‘Pink Stripe” ESD paper.
Any company manufacturing or selling ESD paper with a Pink Stripe without our written consent will be prosecuted by local law authorities.