ALX  has been supplying the Electronics Industry
for over 50 years

We understand Industrial Ergonomics because we helped invent it

Our specialty is height adjustable worktables and chairs

And we have dozens of accessories that attach, move, and adapt to the assembly line

The workstations are 100% modular.
If you move or expand or change your assembly style, the workstations can be changed to suit.

All of our workstations are painted with ESD light grey paint and so decrease the danger of any static discharge in and around the workstation area

The Most Flexible Workstation/Workbench ever created

Improving Productivity through Ergonomic Solutions

Our 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience our GWS Ergonomics workstations are renowned to be rugged, durable, flexible, great looking and as a bonus they boost your productivity, lower your absenteeism and increase your workers health and morale

Our workbenches are best for:

• Fulfillment
• Assembly
• Laboratory
• Repairs
• Testing
• Quality Assurance
• Packing

Several Height adjustable options including

Electric Height Adjustable Workstations

Raise or lower workstation at the touch of a button. Ergonomic must-have for multiple-shift, multiple-operator applications

Manually Height Adjustable Workstations

Set the desired height for the task at hand and leave it at that height

Our workstations are shipped KD (knocked-down) for easy assembly on site.

The workstations can be reconfigured in the future if your requirements change

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