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Sit or Stand - Electrical Height adjustable

Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Raise or lower your workstation at the touch of a button

Sit or Stand at your desk

Made of steel height adjustable motorized legs, these frames are adjustable from 24 – 30” deep and 40 – 72” wide

The motorized frame is adjusted in height by the use of an electric motor with an easy-access hand-control that allows one to set up to 4 different preferred heights into memory

Desks and worksurfaces are shipped KD (Knocked-down) for easy assembly on site.


Memory:           Quickly change your worksurface height (1-4 memory buttons)

Colors:              Frames are white, grey/silver or black

Worksurfaces:   Black, White, Brown or Grey

Speed:              Using 2 or 3 stage legs, the height is very quickly adjusted 1.375 – 1.628” per second (35-40 mm/second)

Safe:                Anti-collision system to stop any crushing

Maximum load: 300 lb (140 kg)

Assembly is easy and quick!

Frame Colors Available:

Table frames are ordered as a separate component to the worksurface

* Other depths and widths available but not shown

Worksurface Colors Available:

We have many other sizes and variations available.
All designed to easily fit into your workspace.

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