Printer ESD Rolls

ESD paper Printer Rolls (small rolls for printer)

Thicknesses: 0.0038" (standard thickness) 

Standard Sizes: 2.50", 3.00", 3.25", 3.50", or 4.625" wide x
2 1/4" diameter on 1/2" or 1" core

Product Specification

Our ESD paper is permanently static dissipative. 
Low sensitivity to changes in relative humidity 
Almost free in component critical contaminants, (i.e. Iow amine, chloride and sodium)
The paper has a hard surface, is printable with no bleeding Low lint properties.

ALX Static Dissipative Papers exhibit superior physical properties compared to regular paper.

PH (acid level) is a neutral 7.02.

Typical Resistivity test results indicate:
Resistivity (@ 50% RH) 5x106
Resistivity (@ 20% RH) 6x109

ALX paper is recycleable.

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