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Q: Why would I use ESD Paper?

A: If you are using regular paper as a routing or follower sheet (in general, for accompanying a static sensitive component or circuit board), there is the potential danger that the paper can hold or create a charge. It is when this charge is released or discharged quickly that it can cause damage to the static sensitive component or circuit board.

Q: Where would I use ESD Paper?

A: ESD Paper can be used as:

Routing sheets and tags
(as accompanying identification with circuit boards during assembly

Incoming/Receiving tags
(to identify static sensitive components)

Box/Tray liners
(to eliminate potential ESD occurrences in storage or on the workbench)

Disposable ESD work surface
(use it to protect static sensitive devices)

Disposable envelopes/containers
(for shipping or handling of static sensitive devices)

Q: How do I know if the paper will stay ESD safe?

A: ALX ESD Paper is permanently static dissipative. A patented process ensures that the paper is manufactured with dissipative properties as an integral part of the paper.

Q: What is the shelf life?

A: Minimum shelf life is 5 years.

Q: What is the resistivity range?

A: Typical range is:

@ 50% RH is 5x106
@ 20% RH is 6x109

Q: In what size or form is the paper available?

A: Standard Sizes are:

a) 8 x 11"
b) 11 x 17"
c) 8 x 11" printer (tractor feed) paper
d) Metric A4
e) Rolls of 150 ft long with various widths (2 to 4.625" wide)
f) Adhesive back removable note pads (4 x 3")

Q: Is ALX ESD Paper Recyclable?

A: Yes. The paper is neutral (acid/alkaline PH), and is low in Amines and salts.

Q: How do I know how to tell if the paper is ESD or just "normal" paper?

A: Most of our paper is marked in a way to show it is ESD paper. For instance, on a white sheet, a Pink stripe along the 11" side of an 8 x 11" indicates that it is "ESD safe".

Q: Is the ESD paper available for use in "Clean Rooms"?

A: Our standard ESD paper is compatible with Class 10,000 clean rooms. Our new ESD clean room paper is compatible with, and is packaged in a Class 100 clean room


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