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About our Company

Why do we make ESD Paper?

Our business is in Control of Static Discharge.

Established in 1980, ALX is one of the oldest manufacturers of Static Control products in North America.

Originally founded in Toronto, Canada, it now has representation in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe and Asia.

Specializing in ESD and ESD Cleanroom paper products.

What is ESD PaperESD (Electro-Static Dissipative) Paper looks and feels like regular bond paper.

The difference is that ALX ESD Paper is permanently static dissipative and has low sensitivity to changes in relative humidity. It can be printed like normal paper, but has the ability to dissipate an electrostatic charge safely, before it can damage sensitive electronic components.

At ALX we soon realized that there was a need for a dissipative paper that would be ESD safe, clean, and not dependent on humidity.

We began to develop various styles of ESD paper about 10 years ago, and now have paper in the form of loose sheets, printer feed sheets, rolls, and many custom printed forms.

Recognized as the leader in ESD paper and paper products, we now have ESD Clean Room (Class 100) paper in Loose Sheet form (8 x 11" and Metric A4) 


Why do we make ESD Paper?

Reason # 1
Electronic circuits are becoming smaller and working at lower voltages and currents. They are thus becoming more and more susceptible to Electro-static shock, caused by materials that are not grounded or that hold a static charge. Paper is a very good 'holder' of charge, and becomes a potential danger when allowed to discharge onto/into an electronic circuit.

An ESD shock or event can destroy the component, or at least cause it to be damaged. This damage might not be apparent at first and the component might even appear to work perfectly. But once in the field and under working conditions, the component can break down. This could result in a costly field repair. Eliminating the potential static shock at time of manufacture is a good alternative.

Reason # 2
Several of our larger customers found that there were quality problems caused by ESD/EOS (Electro-Static Dissipation / Electrical Over-Stress) during their manufacturing or testing processes. At the time they were using "pink" anti-static Sheet Protectors to hold their drawings and instruction sheets. In analyzing the time taken during the overall process, they determined that there was a considerable waste of time in taking the sheet out of the sheet protector, filling out the appropriate sections of the worksheet, inserting it back into the sheet protector, and then passing it along to the next manufacturing or test process. Sometimes, the worker would simply leave the paper on top of the sheet protector to save time, thereby defeating the purpose of the sheet protector. There was also a question of the shelf life of the sheet protector. When and where would the anti-static properties be low enough so as to not dissipate the necessary charges accompanying their travels? They determined that it would make more sense to eliminate the sheet protector if possible, thus saving both time and money.

Reason # 3
At the end of the assembly and test procedures, the technicians would print out all the test results of the circuit board under test. The printer that was printing out the test results was also generating static due to the movement of the paper through the rollers, and the paper was then holding the static charge. When the technician removed the paper from the printer, the static charge that was on the paper was transferred to the "tested" circuit board in their hand or on the bench. The static charge was enough to cause damage to the ESD sensitive components on the circuit board.


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